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Black Friday Alternatives

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Since The Estates 3Eighty Blog brought you Black Friday tips and tricks last November, this year, we thought we’d give you some alternatives to shopping ‘til you drop the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe you hate the crowds, or maybe you’re trying not to buy more expensive gifts than you would have simply because they are on sale. Whatever your reasoning for not participating, read on for suggestions on what to do instead.

Spend Time in Nature

Ever since 2015, REI has encouraged employees and customers to #OptOutside instead of spending Black Friday at the store, and we think it’s a great idea! From spending the afternoon at Little Elm Park to exploring LLELA Nature Reserve, there are a number of ways to enjoy yourself outside this Black Friday. Perhaps you can even make it a tradition to choose a new outdoor adventure each year on this day!

Binge Watch Something Fun

You may not be in the mood to spend time outdoors, so you can always throw a binge-watching party instead! Pick a favorite show to binge, or maybe you could even have a holiday movie marathon to get yourself ready for all the excitement that December brings. Whether you watch all alone or with friends, an intentional day of binge-watching can be a great way to recharge the day after Thanksgiving.

Clean Out Your Closet

Rather than shopping for more clothes, assess what you already have first! Before the cold comes, spend Black Friday donating any warm clothes that no longer work for you, and take note of anything you might need for a comfortable winter. You will never regret consciously preparing before you buy new clothing, and your donations might help someone out too!

Small Business Saturday

Do you still want to get some holiday shopping done before December hits? Participate in

Small Business Saturday, which is two days after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday primarily benefits large corporations, choosing to shop at small businesses instead will benefit the local economy much more. Plus, the gifts you purchase at a small business are bound to be far more unique!

Cyber Monday

Thanks to Cyber Monday, you can get the best deals on all the latest electronics and more, right from the comfort of your own apartment! Shopping trends are shifting from in-store to online, so chances are, you may even find better deals on this day than on Black Friday, not to mention the time you’ll save.

Thanks for reading our blog today! We hope you have a happy Black Friday here in Little Elm, TX, no matter how you choose to spend it.