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Tips on Giving Thoughtful Gifts

someone holding a beautifully-wrapped gift next to a holiday tree
With the holidays approaching faster than you can say “ho ho ho,” we imagine that you’re entering into full gift-buying mode. It’s simple to buy gifts for acquaintances, as you can purchase any old box of holiday treats or generic gift basket, but sometimes it’s significantly harder to find the right present for a loved one This holiday season, we here at The Estates 3Eighty Blog are bringing you a few simple actions that will help you be a more thoughtful gift giver. Try some of these out this month!

Plan Ahead of Time

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when attempting to find the right gift for someone you care about is that it takes quite a bit of time to find the right one; you can’t expect to just go out shopping and have the perfect gift fall in front of your face. Set aside some time right away to simply thinking and brainstorming about the right gift for each individual on your list. Chances are, the one you end up choosing won’t come to mind immediately, but the earlier you get started, the more personal and thought out your gift will be in the end.

Personalize It

Making sure a gift is personalized to whoever is receiving it is the best way to make it feel particularly meaningful. If you want to, you can get them something that is literally personalized like this personal embosser for the book lover who likes to label their prized possessions. Alternatively, you can make something that is crafted with them in mind from the beginning. Think of a warm piece of clothing they might need for the winter and knit or crochet it for them; use your artist skills to draw or paint a portrait of them or of something they’re particularly fond of; make them a home decor item that you’re sure will go perfectly in a certain room in their house.

Don’t Focus on the Cost

All too often we get the notion that when something is more expensive, it will show our loved ones that they are more important to us. However, cost doesn’t necessarily reveal the time we spend on preparing a present for someone. If anything, it draws the attention back to ourselves as the giver because it merely highlights our means to be able to afford a pricey gift. Instead of pouring more money into a gift, spend some extra time preparing or choosing a gift that is just right for them.

What are your ideas for giving thoughtful gifts? Share them with the rest of our Little Elm, TX apartment community here in by leaving a comment below. Good luck, have fun, and most importantly, happy holidays!